Listen: She & Him Now Streaming ‘The Christmas Waltz’

It’s an unseasonably warm day in early October, so listen to this holiday tune.

Listen: She & Him Now Streaming 'The Christmas Waltz'

When She & Him announced last month that they would be releasing their holiday album, “A Very She & Him Christmas,” on October 25, the first thought was that it seems way too early. This is already a world where holiday merchandise and cheery tunes about snowmen hit stores while Halloween candy is still on clearance. Sure, it gives people plenty of opportunity to buy the record, but it crosses the sacred line of not releasing anything yule-related until we’ve at least exited the month of witches and zombies.

Now, two weeks before the release date — on a day when the high temperature in New York City is 83 degrees — the duo has unveiled the lead single from the record. It’s a pretty bare-bones track, with Zooey Deschanel’s syrupy-sweet, high voice singing “The Christmas Waltz” over a simple acoustic guitar line. It might be a little too cute for some people’s tastes, but it’s actually a good rendition and a welcome break from over-the-top Christmas songs, appropriate for anyone who isn’t entirely down with the shmaltz and fanfare that accompanies too many holiday numbers.

Check out the track below—if you’re ready.

She & Him – The Christmas Waltz by MergeRecords