City May Evict Occupy Wall Street for ‘Cleaning’

NYPD says protesters won’t be allowed to bring belongings back in with them.

City May Evict Occupy Wall Street for 'Cleaning'

After making it sound like he had conceded to let the Occupy Wall Street protests say, Mayor Bloomberg may be calculating to evict the demonstrators from Zuccotti Park.

The New York Post reports Bloomberg notified protesters that they would have to vacate the park on Friday for “cleaning,” though the occupiers have volunteered to clean the area themselves. The NYPD has announced that the protesters won’t be allowed to bring any “belongings” back into the park after the cleaning — this includes gear like tarps, sleeping backs and backpacks — and they won’t be allowed to lay down on benches.

Essentially, this is the city’s strongest attempt to shut down the protests, and the occupiers are asking supporters to fight back. A post to their website is asking for a mass turn-out starting tonight at midnight in preparation for the 6 a.m. cleaning eviction. They’re also asking people to call 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK if you’re outside the city) to voice their support and ask Bloomberg to support the protesters’ rights.

[Via New York Post]