Listen: New Grimes Track ‘Oblivion’

New track from the burgeoning artist.

Listen: New Grimes Track 'Oblivion'

Grimes is the moniker for Claire Boucher, a bright young singer/songwriter who will most likely be on your iPod very soon. Building steam with a string of releases (an LP entitled “Geidi Primes” along with a split EP with d’Eon entitled “Darkbloom” were both released this year) she plans on releasing another full length, “Visions,” this January.

“Oblivion” is the first song off her new record and it already shows how she has progressed. Her high pitched vocals are mixed way up in front, making her voice the star of the music as opposed to just a member of the ensemble, as on previous releases. Grimes also seems to be the latest in a series of indie artists incorporating more pop and R&B stylings into their melodies. The results have worked well for groups like the xx, and continue to do so with Grimes. Check out “Oblivion” below.