Listen: Keep Shelly in Athens ‘Lazy Noon’

Keep Shelly in Athens drop new track “Lazy Noon,” which sounds rather like retro ’90s electronic lounge music.

Listen: Keep Shelly in Athens 'Lazy Noon'

The latest Keep Shelly in Athens tune “Lazy Noon” doesn’t sound so much balearic as an artifact of ’90s electronic lounge music. No, this is not akin to Air’s “Moon Safari” days, but the type of song one might hear at an ultra glitzy metropolitan hotel.

Think Los Angeles, W Hotel on the roof. You watch girls dipping in and out of the pool, mai tai in hand, sunglasses reflecting the sun and a porter brings a phone out on a plush red cushion because you’ve got a call from a real estate developer in Brazil who wants you to hop on a flight. So, you do, and you’re sitting first class with a Stoli (no ice), looking at the jet’s shadow on the clouds below. You land and a limo driver holding a placard directs you into a car where a small pyramid of cocaine awaits, but you demur. Ah, hell, you stick your nose in it and say, “Drive, brother.” Car lurches forward and a panorama of brazilian-models flicker by along the beach. You arrive at a destination and realize the real estate development doesn’t exist, nor does the developer, and your driver’s currently disappearing into into a mass of cars, and you’re asking yourself, “How the fuck did I get here?”

You were listening to “Lazy Noon” and you’re time-traveling, friend.

Keep Shelly in Athens – Lazy Noon by Sound Injections