Best New Site: Halloween or Williamsburg

Trick-or-treaters and hipsters have more in common than you’d think.

Best New Site: Halloween or Williamsburg

Gold leggings are really versatile. They’re good for your C-3PO costume as much as they are for, say, doing coke lines off a toilet during a loft party in Bushwick. So many uses.

That’s why there can be so much confusion about whether people walking around north Brooklyn are on their way to a costume party or if they’re just hipsters out for a coffee run. Enter our new favorite website: Halloween or Williamsburg.

The site just launched last week, so there are only a couple of pages of costumed hipsters to look through. After Halloween, there will probably be a whole lot more.

They don’t actually tell you which of the two choices each picture is, so take your best guess.