Chelsea Clinton Skipping Congress, but Still Mighty Political

Chelsea Clinton put the kibosh on rumors she plans to run for Congress. Instead she’ll complete her family’s extra-political trifecta.

Chelsea Clinton Skipping Congress, but Still Mighty Political

With it clear Hillary Clinton won’t replace Joe Biden as vice president on Barack Obama’s 2012 ticket, the rumor mill is now turning its attention to her daughter Chelsea Clinton after a report that the former first daughter will run for Congress in New York.

“Clinton has been approached by ‘the right people’ in the New York Democratic Party, according to one source in Albany. While no decision has been made, Clinton is said to be “actively considering” a Congressional run for New York State in 2012, claimed the site ‘Talk of the Sound’ in an article that took the political world by storm.

Clinton insists this story holds no water, releasing a statement through spokesman Mark McKenna, “This is 100 percent false. She’s not running for Congress in the 18th District or any other.” We have to believe her. Not because Clinton has no interest in playing politics, but because she has already made her path clear.

The 31-year old earlier this month appeared on stage with both her parents for her presidential father’s Clinton Global Initiative. She also interviewed her mother for the event.

Then, one week later, Ms. Clinton sent out a DNC-backed email asking party peers to submit ideas for the her father’s foundation.

As we celebrate 10 years of my father’s foundation this year, we’re looking to the future, and asking friends and allies to be part of creating that future.

Please share your thoughts on what challenges you think the Clinton Foundation should tackle in the next 10 years — and please let my father know that you will stand with him in this work.

I am very proud of the incredible work my father’s foundation does — every day, all year long, in every corner of the globe — to change the course of people’s lives for the better.

He inspires so many of us; he inspires me every day. So, let’s give a little inspiration back as he embarks on his next 10 years of service to our global community.

Clinton, already a board member of her father’s organization, began getting a taste for public life during her mother’s 2008 campaign, the first time she truly emerged in the public eye over a decade after first becoming famous. Now that she’s felt the bug, Clinton will only delve deeper into political and social work.

Public work is in Clinton’s blood. With her parents getting on in years, she’s the heiress of a political dynasty. The Clintons lack the genealogical heft or history as, say, the Kennedy clan, but they are titans in Democratic circles, and Ms. Clinton’s recent public appearances show she’s going to work in the civil, rather than electoral, sphere to make her mark. She wants to avoid the elections her parents faced and instead stay within a network she knows, loves and can help grow alongside her parents

Secretary Clinton recently said she will leave “public life” post-2012, although that seems unlikely. It’s more probable she will work with her husband’s group or start her own to create change around the world, though outside of traditional avenues. And one can be certain Chelsea can join her parents on the stage, completing a trifecta of influence that first began forming in 1992.