Stream: Mr. Gnome ‘Madness in Miniature’ (Full Album)

Mr. Gnome’s “Madness in Miniature” is a mini gem with some big noisy sounds. Stream the album in full. 

Stream: Mr. Gnome 'Madness in Miniature' (Full Album)

Cleveland, Ohio’s Mr. Gnome are now streaming their LP “Madness in Miniature” and it it really is a gem with some gigantic sounds. The overall aesthetic will be familiar to fans of everyone from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to Lykke Li but the band clearly has its own sound.

The proceedings begin with “Ate the Sun,” a song full of massive guitars and Nicole Barille’s vocals, which recall Karen O and and Lykke Li in their range, with none of the rock posturing of the former and much of the organic weirdness of the latter. Barille’s vocals highlight the looped madness of “Run for Cover,” which displays not a little tinge of gospel in its short running time. “Bit of Tongue” sounds quite Feist-y but it’s not as if the Canadian owned that sound anyway—Mr. Gnome are free to explore that terrain.

A personal favorite here is “Fly Me Over,” with its heartbeat percussion, mechanical, bell-like guitars, squelching drones and soft and spectral incantations of “Fly me over… fly me over.” Along with “Winter,” they are two of the most sonically and conceptually interesting tracks on the album.

With this new album, Mr. Gnome is certainly a band to watch.

Stream the “Madness in Miniature” LP in full below.

Madness In Miniature by mrgnome