Listening to Nickelback Will Not Get You Laid

This is unsurprising news.

Listening to Nickelback Will Not Get You Laid

Apparently a love of bland Canadian rock is not going to rev the engine of your preferred sex.

Music-focused dating site — the same place that taught us Coldplay fans are the least likely to touch your junk on the first date — conducted a survey about what bands are the biggest turn-off. In a not-at-all-shocking turn of events, the winner (if you can call them that) was Nickelback, followed closely by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Though, to be fair, this survey was conducted from July through October — before the world learned that Bieber’s balls had dropped and he’s being slapped with a paternity suit. It’s hard to say if those revelations would change the outcome at all.

The site analyzed the data for both men and women, and there were some differences. While Nickelback and Biebs topped the list for both — so no matter your gender or orientation, neither of those artists will get you any action — women were more turned off by Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift and Insane Clown Posse while men didn’t want to see Eminem, Mumford and Sons, Kings of Leon or Kanye in anyone’s record collection.

Of course, no matter how awful your taste in music is, there’s bound to be someone out there who is equally lame and will gladly sing along to “How You Remind Me” in the car with you. But don’t expect a preference for the lyrical stylings of Chad Kroeger to earn you much widespread dating success.