Watch: Seventeen Evergreen ‘Polarity Song’ Video

Seventeen Evergreen gets a music video from Terri Timely. Watch it.

Watch: Seventeen Evergreen 'Polarity Song' Video

The latest Seventeen Evergreen music video was directed by Terri Timely for the track “Polarity Song,” appearing on the Psyentist 10? EP, out this month. The video features “woolen terrorists” who kidnap thrift store shoppers and transform them into woolen beings, and involves synchronized dance, television static and lots of color and patterns.

“Polarity Song” itself is a wonderfully hypnotic electronic dance song, especially as it incorporates some shoegaze guitar textures around the 2:35 mark.

Watch the video below.

Seventeen Evergreen – Polarity Song from Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.