Crosby and Nash Want to See an Occupy Wall Street Album

During an interview, the veteran protest rockers said they thought a benefit record for OWS would be a “fantastic idea.”

Crosby and Nash Want to See an Occupy Wall Street Album

While speaking with Democracy Now this morning, iconic musicians Graham Nash and David Crosby talked about their own past as renowned protest artists as well as their recent performance at Zuccotti Park for the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The rock vets were taking fan questions, one of which suggested organizing an album that would benefit Occupy protesters around the world, something the pair thought was a “fantastic idea.” Which it is.

There have been several artists spanning many different genres who have stopped by and played for the protests around the country, and more who have come without performing. Clearly, there is musical support, which means putting together an album like this could possibly happen quickly.

There must be someone out there who is supportive of the movement with the money and resources to get this done. Start by tapping the artists who have already performed at various occupations — Crosby and Nash, Pete Seeger, Jeff Mangum, Anti-Flag, Tom Morello, Lupe Fiasco, Amanda Palmer — and move toward others who have expressed support even if they haven’t played live. The proceeds could then go toward getting the protesters at all the different occupations the supplies they need, especially as winter approaches in some of the colder cities.

It feels like the Occupy movement has brought forth something that had practically disappeared: the political musician. There have been politically active bands recording and playing all along, but most were found in more underground areas of punk and hip-hop. Bands like Rage Against the Machine, who had more mainstream success while still putting forth a subversive message, have been rarer. The movements seem to have inspired more famous artists to speak out, so now would be a good time to put that energy into making something that can benefit the protests.

Below are a few videos of artists performing at Occupy protests: