Web Wrap: Must-Reads From the Internets

Here’s a look at what you might have missed today.

Web Wrap: Must-Reads From the Internets

Now that Bill O’Reilly’s book on Abraham Lincoln has been proved factually incorrect, he’s claiming his fact checkers sabotaged him. Why? Because they don’t like him, of course.

In last year’s mindblowing technology book “You Are Not a Gadget,” Jaron Lanier insists the octopus is so smart that just one small evolutionary obstacle kept it from dominating earth. If you didn’t already know, octopuses are crazy smart.

Bet you forgot all about the debt ceiling since those maddening negotiations last summer. There’s a supercommittee—right? They got it. The Atlantic asks, What happens if they fail?

The best person ever saw an ad for her own stolen bike on Craigslist, so she feigned interest in buying it, arranged a meeting, and stole it back.

Still baffled at what could have possessed Lou Reed to partner with Metallica? The Daily breaks it down with mathematical clarity.

Occupy Wall Street is raising the stakes with a street carnival on Thursday that they hope will shut down Wall Street altogether for the day.

So this is how Congress’ aggregate wealth has increased 25% over the last three years even while the rest of the America is in the toilet: Congressional insider trading.