Marcus Bachmann Lacks All Self-Control, Sense

Marcus Bachmann continues throwing irrational stones at gay activists.

Marcus Bachmann Lacks All Self-Control, Sense

Marcus Bachmann just can’t quit lashing out at gay activist group Truth Wins Out. Their feud began in July, when a TWO activist, John M. Becker, published an investigative report about how Bachmann’s Minnesota-based clinic practices morally and professionally dubious “ex-gay” therapies to “turn” people straight through prayer.

The story, which became a huge distraction for his wife, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, received fresh blood after Bachmann this week called Becker and demanded payment for two canceled “therapy” sessions.

Now Bachmann, because he can’t seem to stop squealing about the perceived injustice or derailing his wife’s campaign, has sat down with the Wall Street Journal to plead his case.

According to poor, misguided Bachmann, it was his clinic’s duty to try to cure Becker, “an incredible actor” who enticed his counselor’s “empathy and concern.”

“A client came in stating they had a concern about same-sex attraction. The client asked specifically for assistance with this. I don’t know a counseling agency that wouldn’t accept or talk about that person’s concerns,” said Bachmann, willfully ignoring the American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association, both of which believe ex-gay therapies to be dangerous and ill-conceived.

Bachmann then, flying in the face of all reason, basically calls Becker and his allies–men and women hoping to see an end to misleading ex-gay therapies–“liars.” TWO should apologize, he claims, “for lying in a manner that was taking the trust of a counselor and crossing the line ethically.” Can Bachmann seriously, with a straight face, discuss ethics while also shaming gay people into believing they’re sinful? How can a man who tries to fight someone’s innate identity — knowing that there’s no evidence such therapies work — pretend as if he stands on the moral high ground? How is it that a man so out of touch with reality still demands payment for an illusory counseling service?

Why on earth did Michele Bachmann marry a man who believes in such things, especially being able to “turn straight?” Oh, right, it wasn’t her decision. As she said in a 2006 speech, “The Lord then led me to this man… My calling was to marry this man. And I tell you that, because, I hate to disappoint you, darling, but it wasn’t a big romantic surge that led us to each other.” Hmmm, and I wonder why that may be?