Watch a Pretty Engrossing Animated Fleet Foxes Video

“The Shrine/An Argument” is “Helplessness Blues'” sprawling centerpiece and now it has a video to match its grandeur.

Watch a Pretty Engrossing Animated Fleet Foxes Video

Robin Pecknold’s brother Sean is a very skilled animator and director. Alongside fellow animator Britta Johnson, he has further brought to life a song that was already fairly animated, “The Shrine/An Argument,” one of the standouts from Fleet Foxes’ latest LP, “Helplessness Blues.”

On Pecknold’s Vimeo page, he specifies, “Please watch in HD with headphones or speakers and full screen if you really want to get crazy,” which is a fairly reasonable request considering the payoff. The video plays like a moving children’s book — the type that the eccentric librarian read to you with alarming enthusiasm.

Evoking the styles of Maurice Sendak and Tim Burton, it’s a wondrous video that perfectly compliments the spacious atmospheres that are typical to Fleet Foxes’s songcraft. The part with the discordant horn freakout gets a little weird and creepy — it essentially looks like two Chinese dragons furiously battling each other on the floor of the ocean.

If you have a ten minute gap in your work day, put on those headphones and give the video a look. It was probably very time consuming, and deserves to be enjoyed.

The Shrine / An Argument from Sean Pecknold on Vimeo.