The Occupy Wall Street Album is Actually Happening

Proceeds will be divided between different Occupy protests and other charities.

The Occupy Wall Street Album is Actually Happening

The Occupy movement has seen plenty of support from musicians, so it’s only fitting that now they will be releasing a benefit album. Unlike Jay-Z’s t-shirts, this one will actually help out the protests nationwide.

Just a couple of weeks ago, David Crosby and Graham Nash said they thought a record was a great idea, and they, among many others, will be contributing a song to it. “Occupy This Album” will feature tracks from Jackson Browne, Ladytron, Yo La Tengo, Devo, Lucinda Williams, and even Michael Moore. It seems the filmmaker has decided to sing.

The proceeds will go through an organization called Alliance for Global Justice, which will divide up the money between the different occupations as well as other charity projects. It’s being curated by musician Jason Samel, who hopes to raise between $1 million and $2 million.

The album, which will likely be released digitally before later coming out on CD, will feature a mix of new and live tracks, including one from the now-infamous Zuccotti Park drum circle. Third Eye Blind released a free song in honor of the protests recently, called “If There Ever Was a Time,” that will appear on the compilation.

You can check out that track below. “Occupy This Album” doesn’t have a release date yet, but will likely be out sometime this winter.

Third Eye Blind – If There Ever Was A Time.

[Via Crain’s New York]