Occupy the Ports: From California to Alaska

The west coast Occupy contingent is occupying ports today from San Diego and Los Angeles north to San Franciso, Seattle and Anchorage, Alaska. 

Occupy the Ports: From California to Alaska
[Photo: Devin T.N. Tanchum]

The Occupy movement’s west coast contingent is taking aim at Goldman Sachs by occupying ports in cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Anchorage, Alaska. This comes just over a month after Occupy Oakland’s shut down of the Oakland port.

As the OccupyThePorts.com website states, it is a “coordinated west coast port shutdown to disrupt and blockade the economic apparatus of the 1%.” It was also publicized as “Occupy the Ports! A Day without Goldman Sachs!” in symbolic association of the investment banking titans to the import/export of goods. Goldman Sachs is part-owner of Carrix Inc. (49% stake), owner of SSA Marine, which provides stevedoring, marine terminal operations, and intermodal management services worldwide.

Occupy protesters circulated fliers with the a caricature of Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein piloting a ship with bags of money, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

This tactic echoes the recommendation of The Invisible Committee in “The Coming Insurrection,” which states that the arteries of commerce must be disrupted if changes is to be effected on a mass level.

(Read “The Coming Insurrection” for free in pdf format.)

The LA protesters are being threatened with arrest at the Long Beach port for “unlawful assembly,” which will probably be the state tactic used to disperse all Occupy the Ports protests.