Watch: Six-Minute Montage of the Past Year in Cinema

Check out “2011: Cinescape,” a fun look at the past twelve months beautifully edited by Matt Shapiro.

It is plainly obvious that we are not currently living in a cinematic golden age. A film’s success is currently judged by little more than box office dollars. Movies with gratuitous sex and enough explosions to induce epileptic seizures are being produced by the dozen, while films actually worthy of the $12 price of admission can rarely finance enough money to supply free coffee and bagels to a table read.

However, we are living in the golden age of movie trailers. Never before has so much time and effort been put in to making two minute clips that are alluring enough to convince us to get off our couch and into the theater. We’ve reached a point where some trailers trump the films themselves. Comedies give away their best jokes and drama’s reveal entire plot lines. Nevertheless, they are extremely effective and make the trailers of the 1990s and 2000s look ancient in comparison.

The art of editing and scoring a trailer is nearly as important as the finished product. We have reached the point were a two minute clip can help us accurately decide whether or not we’re going to see a movie — as well whether or not it’ll be any good. It has become the equivalent of judging a book by its cover.

In my opinion the greatest result of the advancement of movie trailers are these end of the year montages. Matt Shapiro’s “2011: Cinescape” is a perfect example. In six minutes we are taken on a whirlwind journey through the past year in movies. It’s a little love note to film, or a nostalgic reflection on the cinematic year that was.