Watch: Jeff Tweedy Reports the Weather in Chicago

He’s got a career to fall back on in case that music stuff doesn’t work out.

Watch: Jeff Tweedy Reports the Weather in Chicago

Maybe this is a way to get the ratings up on morning news programs: have an indie rock star do your seven-day forecast. That’s what happened in Chicago this morning, and it was certainly more entertaining than early programming usually is.

While Wilco was visiting WGN-TV in Chicago to play a few cuts off “The Whole Love,” frontman Jeff Tweedy swung by the big weather green screen and read the seven-day forecast while the usual weatherman and the rest of the crew laughed off-screen.

“You probably think some virus has swept through the WGN studios,” he said on air, “with only a few of us left to man the controls.”

Check out the whole video, which is pretty hilarious, over at The Chicago Tribune. Up next we want to see Lou Reed forecasting for New York 1.