Web Wrap: Must-Reads From the Internets

Web Wrap: Must-Reads From the Internets

Fact checking site PolitiFact unveiled its “lie of the year.” Unfortunately depending on whom you ask, like Paul Krugman for instance, their lie of the year is actually a lie.

Thousands of Egyptian women took to the streets to protest military abuse. BuzzFeed has the chilling photos.

Watch a weatherman throw a fit and walk off camera on live TV—best part, he’s from LA, where there is no weather.

Feeling both broke and bad about yourself? Here are 12 ways you can help charities without donating money.

The UPS will deliver 25 million packages tomorrow in one day. That’s gotta rival Santa for some kind of record.

A woman claims the Black Keys ripped off a treatment for a video she proposed for them after telling her they didn’t want to pay for the production cost in her proposal. She made a documentary about it, which you can watch here.

Tough week for Bank of America. Monday their stock closed down under $5, and today they’ve announced a settlement fee of $335 million over charges of mortgage discrimination against black and Hispanic applicants.

WTF is Hanukkah?