Twitter data retention policy targeted by WikiLeaks in #NOLOGS campaign

Twitter data retention policy targeted by WikiLeaks in #NOLOGS campaign

Over the last year, Twitter users who also happen to be WikiLeaks supporters have found their user data subpoenaed along with a gag order. Former WikiLeaks supporter Birgitta Jonsdottir, for example, had her Twitter records subpoenaed by the F.B.I. EFF and ACLU lawyers represented Jonsdottir in the case In the Matter of the 2703(d) Order Relating to Twitter Accounts: Wikileaks Rop_G IOERROR; and BirgittaJ. Twitter, of course, had taken the government to court and won the right to inform users that their data profile had been subpoenaed.

Earlier this year, WikiLeaks founder and figurehead Julian Assange accused Facebook of being “the most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented.” Now the free information publisher has set its sights on Twitter’s data retention policies with the #NOLOGS campaign.

In a Tweet published a few hours ago, WikiLeaks wrote, “Given that police are increasingly issuing subpoenas to Twitter, join us in requesting twitter change their data retention policy. #NOLOGS.”

The demand is implicit in the campaign’s name: WikiLeaks and other activists are demanding that Twitter no longer keep user data logs. This is no doubt a great idea given the pivotal role that Twitter has assumed in matters of activism, dissidence and revolution.

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