Mitt Romney loved Vietnam draft he purposefully avoided

Mitt Romney loved Vietnam draft he purposefully avoided
On the right, a young Mitt Romney can clearly be seen protesting for the Vietnam War.

Did you ever think you’d see Mitt Romney on a picket line? Probably not. The Republican, he’s fond of reminding us, is a businessman, and businessmen are not in the, well, business of protesting.

But the 1960s were a crazy time for the United States, and Romney wasn’t immune to the scent of Vietnam-related uprising in the air. Only instead of picketing against the war, Romney fought for it by marching against a 1966 anti-war sit-in at Stanford University, where he was attending school.

A picture taken on May 20, 1966, clearly shows a 19-year old Romney, whose father was at the time Michigan’s governor, standing with pro-war University president Wallace Sterling. To the young Romney, anti-war activists hoping to end the draft — and the senseless deaths of nearly 60,000 young American men — should not sit-in, they should sit down and shut up in preparation for potential deployment.

But as BuzzFeed reported Wednesday, Romney had no chance of being sent overseas because he was already a registered missionary, and apparently religious proselytization was more important than an able-body. The site also spoke to one of Romney’s cohorts:

Carey Coulter, a conservative and anti-Communist student who had spent time as a civilian in Vietnam, was outraged and organized a counter-protest.

“We were there to get an education and these people holding the Administration hostage was antithetical to that,” he recalled to BuzzFeed in his first interview about the day.

“[Romney] just saw the demonstration, was sympathetic to it obviously, and came up,” Coulter said. He added that Romney hadn’t made the sign he’s carrying in the photograph.
Romney hadn’t organized the protest, and wasn’t part of Coulter’s later efforts to beat back a growing student anti-war movement.

“I don’t recall ever seeing him again,” Coulter said.

That’s because Romney soon left for his missionary work in France, where, according to The Telegraph, he lived in a Parisian mansion. No wonder GOP celebrities like George Will and Donald Trump say Romney lacks the courage to lead — he’s been a coward all his life. And not only a coward, but a coward willing to send his fellow Americans to early graves.

Here, via the Daily Mail, is a newspaper clipping on Romney’s foul obedience:

Mitt Romney loved Vietnam draft he purposefully avoided