Nancy Kerrigan’s legacy: ‘Whhhyyyy?’ (video)

Nancy Kerrigan's legacy: 'Whhhyyyy?' (video)

Nancy Kerrigan won silver at the 1994 Winter Olympics. She could have won gold, fans say, had it not been for that fateful January 6, 1994, day, when a then-anonymous man bashed her knee with a metal baton.

It would later become clear that her arch-rival Tonya Harding was behind the attack: Harding’s ex-husband and bodyguard — Jeff Gillooly and Shawn Eckhardy — had plotted the entire thing. Before the investigation had been completed, however, both women headed off to Norway to compete. Kerrigan finished second while Harding finished 10th — and then, after a do-over, eighth. Both women’s careers soon crumbled.

Harding pleaded guilty to conspiring against Kerrigan, was fined, banned from professional figure skating and she would later became a porn star and then professional female boxer. Oh, and she got fat.

Kerrigan landed on some ice competitions and a few small entertainment projects. Her career, however, will always be defined by this video: the aftermath of her attack. Few modern sporting events, save for perhaps tennis star Monica Seles being stabbed on court, were as sensational as this plot and its aftermath.

Today, on the 18th anniversary of that legendary assault, let’s thank our lucky stars we don’t have some piece of trash nemesis gunning for our kneecaps. If you happen to be in such a situation, though, godspeed.