Rick Santorum’s support of online censorship bill SOPA: a matter of anal sex byproduct?

Rick Santorum's support of online censorship bill SOPA: a matter of anal sex byproduct?

Rick Santorum has come out in support of online internet blacklist and censorship bill Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In light of this revelation (though none should be surprised that a right-winger would categorically support censorship), one cannot help but wonder if Dan Savage’s clever subversion of Santorum’s last name into a descriptor of anal sex byproduct might have something to do with it.

How maddening it must be for Santorum to know that any search engine query yields his name to describe the admixture of fecal matter and ejaculate. Santorum called Savage’s Google bomb uncivil, but one good turn deserves another, Richard.

To remedy the situation, Santorum asked in September 2011, or perhaps demanded (individuals of Santorum’s character never ask) that Google remove the now sullied variant of his last name from search queries. Google, quite rightly refused, for not only it would it be an inaccurate representation of the internet to do so, but it would have opened a floodgate of claims from others hoping to erase or censor the internet. Santorum even appealed once again to Google recently whilst on the campaign trail, but to no avail.

A turn now toward SOPA by Santorum is only appropriate, though of course questions of fecal matter and cum admixture are hardly relevant to matters of online piracy (unless it is raunchy gay porn that is being pirated). SOPA, whether its sponsors and corporate benefactors would like to admit it or not, is only the latest step in policing and censoring the internet, and will surely lead to a greater, Orwellian control of what was intended to be free and open.

Google might then, in its anti-SOPA crusade, think of associating Santorum’s SOPA support with a personal battle not against online piracy but the piracy of his last name, thus rendering him what he really is: a sore loser.