Check out the fake headlines from The Simpsons’ Fox News send-up (video)

Check out the fake headlines from The Simpsons' Fox News send-up (video)

It’s an election year miracle! “The Simpsons,” now in its 1,000th season, was actually funny last night. This is a rare occurrence — the only other laugh-out-loud episode this season featured “Sandman” author and “British Fonzie” Neil Gaiman — but the material was definitely ripe.

The episode, “Politically Inept, with Homer Simpson,” followed Homer as he went from irate airplane passenger to YouTube sensation to a Fox News pundit clearly based on Glenn Beck, tears and all. “When a guy who loves America cries, it makes him super straight,” Lenny explains at one point.

When “Gut Check with Homer Simpson” (where the truth is served with a side of in your face) becomes a hit and his gravy boat soliloquy inspires a ridiculous, illogical Tea Party-esque movement, our yellow protagonist finds himself the center of the political movement and the most powerful person in the Republican Party. Naturally this gives him the power to select the party’s candidate.

Overlooking Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and the other white men on the table, Homer first suggests Chris Christie. Christie’s too busy stuffing his face, so Homer then looks toward everyone’s favorite right-wing rock star, Ted Nugent, who appears as himself.

The most amusing bit in the entire episode, aside from Fox News’ fake token Democrat, was the news scroll at the bottom of a Fox News show on which Homer appeared. Here are all those headlines:

“Gingrich looks forward to win, fourth wife.”

“Rick Perry mistakenly signs order to execute himself.”

“Obama calls Mulligan on first term.”

“Europe puts Greece on eBay.”

“Satan tweets support for Santorum.”

“Romney changes position on phoniness.”

“Steve Jobs unveils iGhost.”

“Congress postpones end of the world to 2013.”

“Derek Jeter, George Clooney divide up world’s women.”

“Biden to Republican candidate: ‘Compared to you, me am smart.'”

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.

Here’s video of Homer’s Fox News show, via Mediaite: