Listen: more unearthed Radiohead demos

Listen: more unearthed Radiohead demos

Once upon a time, Radiohead were known as On a Friday, a humble little jangle pop band trying to play some local shows with a few guitars and some saxophones of all things (to be fair, it was the ’80s).

As of late, scouring the land for recordings from their old days has become a bit of a hobby for some internet hounds, which has led to some mixed results. Back in the fall, two songs surfaced from circa 1986 by On a Friday, the Church-esque “Everybody Knows,” and the more telling, “Girl (in the Purple Dress).”

Since then, another song found its way online that for some reason was given the title “Putting Ketchup in the Fridge,” which was believed to be a mid-90s leftover from what could presumably be early sessions for “The Bends.” The track turned out to be a hoax – it was a song recorded by a Canadian baker named Christopher Stopa. To be honest, the song sounded more like Thom Yorke’s little brother’s band, Unbelievable Truth, but the vocal was a spot on impression of the singer.

Today, a new track has turned up which is most definitely the Radiohead we know and love sans Jonny Greenwood. As with all the other old demos, you can hear them taking their favorite bands and making facsimiles for them with great results. “Fat Friend” is Madchester to the core, with both Happy Mondays and The Stone Roses being a touchstone, not to mention The Smiths, with Thom Yorke mimicking Morrissey’s alliteration on the song’s chorus.

Check out “Fat Girl” below along with another song we missed, the Pretenders-esque “Fragile Friend.”

“Fat Girl”

“Fragile Friend”

[Via AtEaseWeb; Picture via Stereogum]