Listen: new Sleigh Bells ‘Comeback Kid’

Listen: new Sleigh Bells 'Comeback Kid'

Sleigh Bells blew everyone’s minds two years ago when their demo became an internet sensation, with its full blast, peaking glory. Their debut album “Treats,” fulfilled the promise of those loose MP3s, delivering a half hour of fuzzed out mayhem.

A year and a half later, their sophomore LP “Reign of Terror” will be dropping on February 21st, via Mom + Pop, and it’s already boasting two fantastic tracks. A few weeks ago, we heard “Born to Lose,” which sonically kept the intense burst of sound of their debut, while moving it a step forward in terms of composition and confidence. Now “Comeback Kid,” the album’s first official single, is here, which takes it even further into the dark world alluded to by the album’s trailer.

If that cover up there doesn’t indicate enough, the song is fiery as ever, but with Alexis Kraus’ sweet vocal keeping it in the playground, like a adolescent’s fantasy of burning down their school. Aside from the duo’s usual mixture of crunk beats and harsh guitars, there’s also some intertwining keyboard lines that make the song sound far fuller than any of their previous work.

Check it out below.

“Comeback Kid”
Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells