Listen: Damon Albarn remixes Lana del Rey’s ‘Born to Die’

Listen: Damon Albarn remixes Lana del Rey's 'Born to Die'

The always controversial musical simulacra Lana del Rey gets a remix from the quite legitimate musical renaissance man Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz), fresh off his DRC Music Project.

“Born to Die” is middling as far as songs go, but Albarn’s remix imparts a kaleidscopic character that is missing from the original mix. Albarn gives del Rey’s song a rumbling, tumbling bassline alongside a trip-hop beat and atmospherics. The effect is alchemical because Albarn essentially wills an okay song into something unique, as an alchemist would attempt to transmute a common metal into gold.

It’s rather interesting to wonder if Albarn truly hears something he likes in her music or if she has some friends in high places.

Stream to Albarn’s P2P 13 Remix below.