Mitt Romney sings lesbian’s famous ‘America the Beautiful’ (video)

Mitt Romney sings lesbian's famous 'America the Beautiful' (video)

Mitt Romney shouldn’t quit his day job. The Republican White House hopeful, perhaps inspired by President Obama’s rousing rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together,” broke into song at a Florida campaign rally last night. So, did he sing some pop song or croon a classic? Well, no. He went with the tried and true patriotic tune “America the Beautiful.” And it is cringe-worthy.

While Romney’s song choice fits his red, white and blue script, little does he — and most people — know, but the song’s creator, Katharine Lee Bates, was most likely lesbian: she lived for 25-years in Wellesley, Massachusetts with a political economy teacher named Katharine Coman, and even wrote what sounds like a bit of a love letter to her long-time roommate in 1891:

It was never very possible to leave Wellesley [for good], because so many love-anchors held me there, and it seemed least of all possible when I had just found the long-desired way to your dearest heart…Of course I want to come to you, very much as I want to come to Heaven.

Though it remains unclear if the women actually got down with one another — and the classification of “homosexuality” had not yet been created — the subtext here seems pretty clear.

Anyway, here’s Romney belting out Bates’ famous song.

Image via Deseret News.