Here’s a shot of Mitt Romney in his Mormon underwear

Here's a shot of Mitt Romney in his Mormon underwear

As mentioned yesterday, Mitt Romney won’t say whether he wears the Mormon temple garments, or what some have described as the religion’s “magic underwear.”

Most people have assumed he does — the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints prescribes the underwear to “set the standard for modesty” and to “serve as a constant reminder of one’s temple covenants,” according to LDS’ official explanation.

So, the temple garments are kind of like a yarmulke, only hidden and secret, so it makes sense Romney would remain demure when discussing an aspect of his religion that’s private and very often misunderstood by those outside the Mormon circle.

Well, an intrepid reader sent us this screen shot of Romney in which, thanks to the sun god’s revealing rays, what could be a temple garment is seen through his dress shirt. Or is that simple a trendy deep-v like a hipster or gay person would wear? Romney wears dad jeans, sure, but maybe he’s privately cool?

My money is on temple garment, but you be the judge, and send in any other pictures or video that may provide further evidence.