Lady Gaga’s social network a ‘blatant ripoff’ of Pinterest

Lady Gaga's social network a 'blatant ripoff' of Pinterest is Lady Gaga’s first foray in launching a social network. Though still in beta, Littlemonsters uncannily resembles the much buzzed about social networking site Pinterest. Some are even calling the design a “blatant rip off” of Pinterest’s visual pinboard style. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, as Gaga has made a career out of ripping off the style of others.

The premise of Littlemonsters is to create a community for fans to interact and share Gaga-related content. Like Pinterest, users can add their own Gaga-related content to the site, while having the option to vote up other content and interact with other members of the community.

Littlemonsters is the first product from the Palo Alto based startup Backplane . CEO Matt Michelsen told Mashable that this site and future Blackplane projects have one core mission: “Unite people around interests, affinities and movements.” A social network entirely dedicated to Lady Gaga seems a bit limiting in terms of scope and even growth, though Backplane plans to launch similar sites and then a main dashboard connecting all of the communities.

At the moment, Littlemonsters has doled out a little over 10,000 codes that come with an invite only. Backplane plans to launch the site out of beta some time in 2012.

Mashable sums it up writing, “with a look like Pinterest and a popularity-vote feel like Reddit, the Little Monsters website appears to be latching on to what’s hot on the web right now: sharing visuals and rating content.”