CPAC opens with more obstructionist politics

CPAC opens with more obstructionist politics

Like clockwork, conservative and Republican leaders are flocking to Washington to appear at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC.

It is at this event that lawmakers and candidates proudly flash their conservative credentials in what amounts to a pissing war of right wing politics. South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint again got the party started this morning by proclaiming, just as he always does, that the Republican Party has absolutely no incentive to work with their Democratic partners in Washington, or elsewhere.

“Compromise works well in this world when you have shared goals. When you have a shared goals, you can sit down together,” he said, offering a few examples of when it’s okay to compromise, such as with a spouse. There’s no incentive, not even saving the nation, to work with Democrats, he declared. “We don’t have shared goals with the Democrats. Every time we ‘compromise’ with Democrats, we spend more, borrow more, and grow the government.”

According to ever-timely and well-cultured DeMint, his and the president’s respective parties are like the Giants and the Patriots, who faced-off last Sunday in the Super Bowl. Collaboration would not be in their best interest; nor, he claims, is it in Republicans’ best interest to hash out compromise with Democrats. “Conservatism is not a political ‘theory’… It is a proven set of principles to make life better, and people freer, and the country stronger,” he said, Human Events reports.

While obviously the ruling parties have different political preferences and approaches, DeMint, a Tea Party kingmaker known for encouraging disrespect for President Obama, is again proving that he and his party peers are more interested in obstructing the president than actual progress. Legislative success, or at least movement, comes second only to making sure the Democrats are halted at every turn.

Rather than making their goal to block any Democratic-led effort, the GOP needs to start trying to cooperate with their colleagues to at least show they have the nation’s collective interest in mind, instead of trying to further entrench their own ideological intractability.

This is especially good advice, because a vast majority of the country — 86% of Americans, far more than ever, disapprove of Congressional performance, according to the latest Gallup poll — are dissatisfied with their elected officials.

Crossing their arms and sticking out their tongues like brats is not going to endear DeMint or his Republicans to voters, but they clearly either don’t realize that or care, and we can expect similar proclamations from CPAC’s various speakers over the next few days, including the presidential candidates, Sarah Palin and other right wing leaders, most of whom are increasingly looking like villains than the heroes they pretend to be…

Image via svacher’s Flickr.