For your lover on Valentine’s Day: weed

For your lover on Valentine's Day: weed

Tired of giving your girlfriend, boyfriend, mistress, masseuse, wife, lover, friend or gimp a heart-shaped box of Valentine’s Day chocolates? Here’s what you do: Buy the box of chocolates, put them aside for later, then place some marijuana buds in the empty trays, re-wrap, and deliver to that special someone.

Or why not make your own medical marijuana chocolates or brownies if you’re feeling a bit more creative and ambitious? Also consider a nice, fragrant bouquet of marijuana. Another option is to take some Red Velvet Cake and infuse it with weed. Or instead of a single cake, bake a bunch of cupcakes. My friend once made truffles with bacon and I wondered what would happen if he’d used buds instead. Time for you to find out.

And don’t use a delivery service for this loving gesture. Better yet, don’t leave your house with the box of nugs. Stay put, smoke and wait for your special lady friend or man to arrive.