Web wrap: must-reads from the internets

Web wrap: must-reads from the internets

In honor of V-day, check out some off-color candy hearts.

Jay Z + Woody Allen + Kanye West + Owen Wilson = Niggas in Paris at Midnight.

Okay, Newt, it’s probably time to wrap this up and drop out of the race, already.

Paper mag caught up with Matt and Kim getting fancy at their first New York Fashion Week fashion show.

Rick Santorum is actually polling ahead of Mitt Romney now.

A guy in Utah accidentally showed porn at his kid’s birthday party instead of “The Smurfs.”

Check a full Talking Heads concert from Rome, 1980, because why the hell not.

“The Simpsons” is about to turn 500.

There will be more smartphones than people on planet earth by the end of the year.