‘Mad Men’ season 5 teaser: Debauchery is back (video)

'Mad Men' season 5 teaser: Debauchery is back (video)

After waiting what felt like an eternity after season four’s surprising finale, “Mad Men” is finally nearly a month away from the premiere of its newest season. After contract talks between the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner, and AMC went sour last spring, the critically and commercially beloved show was forced to go off the air for a torturous 17 months.

After months of negotiations Weiner finally signed a deal for three more seasons and $30 million. The contract reportedly caused a financial strain on the cable network that forced budget cuts among AMC’s other critically acclaimed dramas “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead.” The crystal meth drama starring the three-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston was almost cut from 13 to 6 episodes. Frank Darabont, director of “The Shawshank Redemption” and show-runner for “The Walking Dead,” was replaced (aka fired) after Weiner’s contract was finalized and the network slashed $250,000 per episode of “Walking Dead.

“Mad Men” may be a cultural phenomenon, but amongst other AMC original programs creator Weiner seemed selfish and greedy. It is almost fitting that the show dealt with its themes of power and ego behind the scenes, when the audience was left with a Don Draper void in our DVRs.

However for the past month now “Mad Men” advertisements have been popping up everywhere — subway cars, magazines and billboards are covered in ads for the upcoming season. The poster, which appears to foreshadow an upcoming free-fall for Don, has even stirred up controversy from oversensitive 9/11 attention seekers for drawing similarities to the Richard Drew’s iconic “Falling Man” photo.

Honestly, if you watch television, go on the internet, read the newspaper or simply leave your house every once in a while, you know that “Mad Men” is returning March 25th. Now finally we have a short teaser for the upcoming season.