Riverdale gets occupied in upcoming ‘Archie’ comic

Riverdale gets occupied in upcoming 'Archie' comic

Despite being around for over 70 years, the writers at Archie Comics have always made sure their titular character, far less exciting than Batman or Superman, dealt with relatable real life issues. That was the original intent and remains the intent.

Earlier this year, the series featured groundbreaking gay character Kevin Keller marrying an African-American and active U.S. military officer, Clay Walker. They of course addressed World War II during the 1940s, in the 1980s addressed the psychological trauma of Vietnam vets and the universal danger of HIV/AIDS and recently ran a story about long-serving teacher Geraldine Grundy battling cancer. It was only a matter of time, then, before Archie Andrews and friends seeing Occupy Wall Street roll into their hometown of Riverdale, New York.

From Bleeding Cool’s exclusive report:

It will tell the story of the global protest against massively unequal redistribution of wealth and power, under the title Occupy Riverdale, echoing the Occupy movements present around the world.

This continued the further progressive storylines from Archie of late that recently culminated in an interracial gay military wedding. This time Archie moves from social politics to economic ones.

And just as Betty and Veronica are divided over Archie, so here they are divided by being on the 99% or the 1%.

The issue, to be penned by former DC writer Alex Segura and independent artist Gisele Lagace, hits newstands in July, which is actually perfect timing.

Aside from a few flair ups and campaign protests, the Occupy Wall Street movement has largely simmered down in the cold winter months. It is far more difficult to occupy large public spaces in icy winds and rains, and local authorities have dismantled most of their camps. But with spring, sun and warmth coming, the Occupy movement will again make its presence felt on the world’s streets, perhaps even stronger than ever. I fully expect the movement to be back in full swing by the time Archie addresses a fictionalized version of what may be today’s most relevant, global public uprising.

Here’s a larger image of the Archie gets Occupied art, via Bleeding Cool:

Riverdale gets occupied in upcoming 'Archie' comic