Watch: Hilariously failed romances abound in new Beirut video ‘Vagabond’

Watch: Hilariously failed romances abound in new Beirut video 'Vagabond'

For Balkan folk group Beirut, the swirling of several past cultures is one of band leader Zach Condon’s calling cards. In their latest video for “The Rip Tide” highlight “Vagabond,” the band can be seen performing at a dance that couldn’t possibly exist in real life (although it should). Directed by Sunset Television, the party is shot at Brooklyn’s Warsaw venue, and features an entourage of characters ranging from WWII soldiers and nurses, ’60s beat girls, and a few hens, all partying it up in classic fashion. The video kind of looks like a Belle & Sebastian cover come to life.

Beirut serenades the party goers, all of whom are pounding away at beer and cigarettes like there’s no tomorrow. “With all the smoking, drinking, and advanced pregnancy, the video will probably be banned from MTV,” says the directors, “…so we hope lots of people enjoy it on the Internet.”

Shot on rich looking black and white film, the clip also features an assortment of failed attempts at romance by the soldiers and nurses which are often quite hilarious. While one girl can be seen crushing hard on Beirut’s accordion player, one mustached man does just about everything wrong in his attempts to hit on one painfully uninterested girl. There’s also that one cross wearing girl who just can’t seem to win the affections of that bespectacled soldier. It’s all a rather entertaining farce.

Check it out for yourself.

Beirut – “Vagabond”