Bill Maher’s $1 million has nothing on Obama-loving Jeff Katzenberg, but shames Steven Spielberg

So Bill Maher made headlines this morning for donating $1 million to the struggling pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action, which has so far raised about $4.5 million for the president’s reelection, not counting Maher’s recent pledge. That’s far behind the number one super PAC, pro-Romney Restore Our Future, which has raised about $37 million.

To Obama’s fans, Maher’s largesse seems like a godsend, and definitely puts the comedian in the upper echelons of the president’s financial supporters, but he’s still lagging behind DreamWorks CEO Jeff Katzenberg. According to filings available at the Center for Responsive Politics, Katzenberg is currently the most generous of all Priorities USA Action’s donors: Katzenberg gave the organization $2,000,000 last May, about a month after the group officially launched.

But Maher’s still way ahead of Katzenberg’s colleague, Steven Spielberg. The director has only given Priorities USA Action $100,000. “Star Trek” and “Cloverfield” director JJ Abrams, meanwhile, has shelled out a comparatively paltry $50,000. Cheapskate.