Ron Paul needs to give back that racist white nationalist money

While I appreciate some of Ron Paul’s political beliefs, mostly his support for more lenient federal marijuana laws, it is things like this that remind me that he is in fact an outdated, out-of-touch right-winger: the Libertarian-leaning presidential candidate has accepted, and not yet returned, campaign donations from white supremacists.

As Michael McAuliff at The Huffington Post reports, Paul’s campaign has taken more than $6,000 from people associated with the white separatist or supremacist movements: William Johnson and Virginia Abernethy. Both work with the white nationalist group American Third Way, which believes races should live in separate bubbles. “We want an America that is recognizable to us, one that we can feel comfortable in,” says the group’s website.

Now, $6,000 is not a lot of money — not in the political realm, at least — but the fact that Ron Paul’s campaign, which is no doubt aware of these ties, is using hate-splattered money to win the White House is absolutely disgusting, particularly in light of the fact that Paul himself approved racist, homophobic and all-around bigoted newsletters warning of race wars and AIDS conspiracies. More than that, though, Paul is apparently close enough with Johnson to have endorsed him for a judicial position in 2008. Paul only revoked that endorsement after the press began running stories about Johnson’s racist politics.

The revelation that Paul’s campaign has unabashedly accepted this tainted money should make people remember that for all his speeches about individual rights and political respect, Ron Paul truly is of a different era, an era in which white was right and the rest of the country be damned.

If the Congressman wants the nation’s respect, he needs to be forthright about these donations and in no uncertain terms condemn these donors.