Web wrap: James O’Keefe suing Keith Olbermann, Snooki pregnant, and other links

Ever noticed that none of your friends have February 29 listed as a birthday in Facebook? A couple of them are probably lying! When do leap year babies celebrate their birthdays in non leap years?

Check out The Week’s guide to Super Tuesday.

Because baseball season isn’t nearly long enough already: MLB will expand the playoff season this year.

Nestle Crunch is releasing a collab with Girl Scout cookies.

Santigold and Earl Sweatshirt are working on a new track together.

James O’Keefe is suing Keith Olbermann and Current TV.

Netflix hopes to be streaming up to 40% original programming soon.

And the award for highest gas prices in the lower 48 goes to…California!

Here’s a message from Snooki’s unborn child.

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