Most creative iPhone case yet: ‘Omniscient Siri’

I think everyone with an iPhone has at least once imagined Siri as some type of physical being. Even if it’s just a face, or a tiny robot brain or shiny little apple with lips, that voice—selectively opinionated, sometimes irritable, and all-knowing (except when it comes to Foxconn)—sort of begs you to imagine a form.

A few weeks ago, rapid manufacturing website Shapeways asked users to submit designs of what they thought Siri looks like, and promised to 3D print the best entry. According to Shapeway, of the entries, “Some people were inspired by Siri’s heroic nature, others by its robotic tendencies, and some by Siri’s subtle feminine allure.”

The winner, Omniscient Siri by SaGa Designs, seems to have been inspired by all three. It’s not the kind of iPhone case you’d put in your pocket for protection. It’s shaped awkwardly and hearing directions to JFK through that face would probably be creepy, but it’s a pretty awesome, inspiring design.

Most creative iPhone case yet: 'Omniscient Siri'

(via LaughingSquid)