Stephen Colbert explains how teachers are destroying America (video)

If aliens ever visit earth in desperate need of a lesson in sarcasm, they need not look any further than “The Colbert Report.” His pompous right-wing conservative character is one of the finest and most effective examples of sarcasm in entertainment history. He makes a mockery of politicians and sensational news stories with an unmatched wit and pitch perfect delivery. The best part is he does it so well that some Republicans think he’s actually on their side.

In one of his latest brilliant attacks on bullshit legislation, Colbert features a Florida high school teacher who registered students in her class to vote and is now being charged with voter fraud. A new Florida law shortened the amount of time allowed to submit the voter resignations from 10 days to 48 hours. The state says that this is a security precaution to lessen chances of voter fraud, but some people argue that it was put in place to stunt the voting ability of students and African-Americans — two predominantly Democratic demographics.

Check out Colbert’s investigative report, complete with hilarious 80s dramatization.