First Listen: Ariane Moffatt ‘In Your Body’

We get sent a lot of tracks here at D&T. A lot of them are absolute shit. Occasionally, we’ll get something that isn’t shit. On even rarer occasions, we get sent tracks that we actually like.

“In Your Body” owes a large sonic debt to Sam Sparro’s 2008 sleeper hit “Black & Gold,” yet updates it with enough female sensibility to have it sound like the kind of club-banger that could also be played in the minivan on the way to soccer practice.

Is it the song of the year; will children be singing this to eachother in the playground come spring? No. But it’s the kind of thing that wouldn’t sound out of place in commercials, “CSI” episodes, or your headphones. It misses the “club anthem” mark by a small but altogether real margin, yet is entirely likeable nonetheless.