Barbara Bush will not attack Obama for Mitt Romney

Barbara Bush is all up in the political business all of a sudden. And the former first lady is as feisty as ever.

First, the formidable Republican matriarch Bush lent her still formidable influence to Mitt Romney by recording robo-calls running in Ohio and Vermont, both of which have their Super Tuesday primaries today. In that call, Mrs. Bush said she was calling “on behalf of our friend, Mitt Romney” and claimed “Mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years and Ann will make a great first lady.”

Apparently Mrs. Bush didn’t think Mitt’s script was so great, though. Michael Falcone at ABC News reports that Mrs. Bush refused to say a line warning Americans against another Obama term.

“I’m supporting Mitt for one simple reason: America cannot survive four more years of Barack Obama, and Mitt is the man to lead America, and we need him now,” read the excised line. Romney’s team had no choice take it out, of course, because everyone knows you don’t cross Barbara Bush.

In other “Barbara Bush is kind of badass” news, the 86-year old sat with her daughter-in-law, the underrated Laura Bush, for a Southern Methodist University conference about the lives of first ladies. When asked about the 2012 race, the elder Bush described it as “the worst campaign I’ve ever seen in my life” because the candidates simply don’t know how to compromise. “I hate that people think compromise is a dirty word. It’s not a dirty word.” And trust that Barbara Bush, a woman who Karl Rove says terrifies him, knows the meaning of a dirty word, so the candidates had better shape up. She’ll call you out. No, not Mitt. He knows how to compromise. That’s what his whole political career has been all about: saying what he needs to say to get what he wants, scruples be (dirty word).