Harvey Weinstein has no time for your silly movie pitches, President Obama

Unless your name is Michelle Obama, the odds are you’ve never turned down a personal request from the President of the United States. Now it appears as though Hollywood super-producer Harvey Weinstein is amongst the few to breathe that rarefied air.

Like the majority of entertainment industry, Weinstein is an ardent supporter of the democratic party, but what separates him from the pack is the fact he gives enough money to Obama’s campaigns to exchange contact information with the 44th President.

Fresh off winning yet another Academy Award for Best Picture, and being named a member of the French Foreign Legion for his work on “The Artist,” Weinstein revealed a recent exchange with President Obama.

“The President sent me a book the other day and said ‘Why don’t you make this into a movie?’” Weinstein said. “I can’t tell you [what it was]. It was a spy novel.”

But Weinstein demurred.

“I sent him an email back saying he was the most overqualified book scout I’ve ever had,” he told the Times of London.

On one hand it’s nice to see Obama is like the rest of us, insomuch as he reads a great book and immediately wants to see it made into a film. The only difference — and it’s a big one — is that he has access to arguably the most powerful man in the film industry.

On the other hand, what was this silly leader of the free world thinking? Just because Harvey writes him big checks and throws massive fundraising parties doesn’t mean he’s going to make him movies, too. Doesn’t he know how important Harvey Weinstein is?

All kidding aside, this is a pretty badass move by Harvey, because he not only passed on Obama’s idea, but he let him down softly, and proceeded to tell the whole world about it. Now that takes quite the set of brass balls.

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