Anonymous protests ‘corrupt’ Catholic Church, takes down Vatican site

Yesterday Anonymous trained its digital protest on a new target: The Vatican.

There’s nothing quite like reminding people of the Catholic Church’s rich history of extortion, torture, colonialism, slavery, Machievellian political maneuvering, forced conversion of North and South American natives, sexual abuse of children (not to mention the cover-ups), murder, crusades against science and progress, and religious wars.

And what of the Church’s Concordat with Nazi Germany, or its unrealistic belief that only abstinence will prevent sexually-transmitted diseases? Then, of course, there is Pope Eugene IV’s ban of the enslavement of Christians, which excluded everyone else (Jews, Muslims, atheists, pagans, etc). As if this weren’t enough, the Church possesses billions in wealth, yet idly watches a good percentage of the world live in poverty. To be fair, the Church does help some of the poor and unfortunate, but only by extorting religious devotion in return. Jesus’ message has to be financed after all, folks.

And who could forgive the Church for indirectly unleashing on humanity the intellectually-challenged and regressive tenets of Evangelical Christianity? Just today, The Daily Mail reported that drug enforcement chiefs see the Vatican as engaged in money-laundering and other corruption.

The Vatican’s deeds were, in a very real sense, the prototype of the modern collusion between so-called “democracies” and corporations. Specifically, the idea that everything is allowed if administered from the rarefied atmosphere where money and power circulate. Whereas in the past the masses worshipped at the feet of the Pope, as the biological proxy of Jesus, the masses now worship at the throne of crony capitalism.

Oh, how Jesus would weep. Maybe he’ll move up his date of return a wee little bit.

All joking aside, with Christopher Hitchens gone, a strong voice against the barbarities of the Catcholic Church has disappeared. However, there’s no shortage of opponents. Anonymous has now officially joined the fray.

Yesterday evening, Anonymous launched a DDoS attack against the Vatican’s website,, then posted a press release on Pastebin, reminding the Church that it has burned books of “immense historical and literary value” and executed “detractors.”

One might say that digitally protesting the Catholic Church with a DDoS attack is rather akin to kicking a dead horse. Yes, the Church is not nearly as influential as in past generations, but it remains a delusional autocratic force and obstacle to human progress, which makes it a prime target for Anonymous.

Below is Anonymous’ Pastebin post:

Anonymous has now decided to lay siege to your site in response to the doctrines, liturgies and the precepts absurd and anachronistic that your organization is for profit (Roman Apostolic Church) propagates and spreads worldwide.
You have burned books of immense historical and literary value, you barbarously executed your fiercest detractors and critics over the centuries, have denied universally deemed valid or plausible theories, have led the unwary to pay to get access to paradise with the sale of indulgences.
Have you been guilty of riduazione enslavement of entire populations, using as a pretext your mission of evangelization and the spread of Christianity in the world.
In more recent times have played a significant role in helping Nazi war criminals find refuge in foreign countries and to evade international justice.
Let every day many of the units within the clergy may be responsible of molesting children, covering them when the facts become public domain.
Italy must tolerate interference in your daily life, public policy and social damage, and all that entails.
Do you have property and businesses for the value of billions of euros, on which you have strong tax incentives.
You refuse to decree, practices and objects result of progress such as condoms or abortion as a clinical wounds to eradicate.
You retrogadi, one of the last bastions of an era forunatamente past, and destined anon repeated.
We sincerely hope that the Lateran Treaty will finally be revised in the near future and will come … what you are relegated to a relic of times gone by.
This is NOT intended to attack the true Christian religion and the faithful around the world, but to the corrupt Roman Apostolic Church and all its emanations