Depraved lunatic mixes Biggie’s ‘Ready to Die’ with Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born to Die’

Even though the point of a mashup is the delight in pairing sources you’d never expect to mix, some mashups seem like marriages of convenience. Last summer someone realized that Wu Tang Clan and Fugazi both began with the vowel sound “ooo” and produced Wugazi, “13 Chambers.” This isn’t always a bad thing, however—Wugazi was surprisingly good, one of the best best treats of the summer.

Over the weekend Terry Urban offered up his own tribute to Biggie Smalls—the legendary rapper was killed 15 years ago on Friday. Called “Born Ready to Die,” his mashup makes use of another handy coincidence too handy to ignore: Biggie’s “Ready to Die” shares some title overlap with Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die.”

This probably isn’t a coincidence. Urban notes “Lana told Vogue Magazine that Biggie was one of her biggest musical influences.” And Del Rey, who cancelled her scheduled appearance at this week’s SxSW, drops hip-hop phrases like “fresh to death” into the lush string landscape of her debut.

Though Urban calls “Born Ready to Die” “a perfect marriage,” to me it seems like a pretty rocky relationship, filled with more conflict and pleas for attention than harmony.

But take a listen below and judge for yourself.