Staggeringly good Lenny Bruce documentary hits web

“Looking For Lenny” is a new documentary about legendary comedian Lenny Bruce, the 1960s comedian who pioneered comedy as we know it today.

No. Wait. That’s such a fucking cliche. What Lenny really did was change comedy, man. Just fucking change it. And not in any TV Guide sort of way. He changed it in a real way, you know. There are people like Lisa Lampinelli and Kyle Kinane who owe their careers to the hard-talking no compromise ways of Lenny. That’s what we get for fifty years of culture. One person breaking down all the doors and everything else after that big wave riding in the wake.

Why, what did you expect? A 250 word blog entry? Fuck no. All bloggers are sons-of-bitches. Don’t trust them. They’re just college boys with keyboards in front of them using their Father’s vernacular. It’s weird how they manifested that word “blogger.” Never cared for it. Neither should you. But it’s still comedy. That’s what he excelled at. And I guess since I’ve gone this far I might as well tell you that the documentary Looking For Lenny is out on Netflix and iTunes already. Go watch it. It’s pretty good. There’s nothing sadder than an aging hipster. I’m one to talk. Here’s the trailer.

And here’s Lenny singing ‘All Alone’.