Ron Paul wonders if GOP is committing voter fraud to keep him down

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Ron Paul is not doing as well in the 2012 Republican campaign as he would have hoped. It has been clear forever that the long-shot, libertarian-leaning GOP candidate was never going to win the party’s nomination. It was also clear, by his own admission, that Paul hopped on the trail to win delegates and therefore win a place at the party’s August convention. He wanted, and wants, to show the party at large that his libertarian policies have a place in the overall GOP platform. This has become an increasingly unrealistic process.

From the 26 states and territories that have participated in the nominating process so far, Paul has earned only 47 delegates. That is abysmal.

This situation has clearly rattled Ron Paul’s confidence. During a campaign stop in Missouri [Mizzur-ah] this weekend, Paul floated the idea that party leaders are stuffing ballot boxes to keep him down. Paul says he looks at the thousands of fans who pack his rallies, and then peers at finishing results, and is quite perplexed by the clear lag. Paul of course makes clear that he has no proof about any alleged ballot fraud, but is still quite ready to raise a public eyebrow. Because, you know, what does he have to lose?

Here is footage of Paul offering his supposition: