Irony of the Day: Washington D.C. singles are our nation’s drunkest

Our government may frequently hesitate on making decisions that effect the welfare of our country, but put them in front of a full-stocked bar and watch their indecisiveness fade away. Because they may not know whether they want to raise the debt ceiling or not, but they will order one too many drinks without a second thought.

In a recent survey of single throughout the country Washington D.C. earned the dubious honor of being named our nation’s drunkest city. The survey was done by a dating site called in honor of St. Patrick’s Day coming up this weekend. The results were tabulated by polling users’ answers to the question about their drinking frequency. Our nation’s capital finished in the No.1 spot with 34 percent of singles describing themselves as “heavy drinkers.” New York and Chicago weren’t far behind at 33 percent apiece.

Now, obviously no one should put too much faith into these extremely unscientific polls, especially considering the results are pulled from such a small segment of cities. However it is pretty funny think that Washington D.C., of all places, is home to our booziest residents, especially considering how many people work for, or in association with, the government in that area.

Check out this interesting graphic below that shows the top 10 heaviest and lightest drinking cities in the U.S., as well as drinking in relation to religion, age and gender.

Irony of the Day: Washington D.C. singles are our nation's drunkest

[ via Washington Post]
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