Damon Albarn debuts ‘Dr. Dee’ album trailer

Like Nicolas Cage, Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn has a fascination with Alchemy, much to my delight.

Last year Albarn—ever the busy man—announced that he had written and would be directing an opera about the life of the alchemist Dr. John Dee. He also recorded an album’s worth of material with for the project with the London Philarmonic Orchestra; which, based purely on Albarn’s past work, should no doubt be excellent.

“It’s very deep and emotional music, and it’s kind of a magical but also quite mysterious subject matter,” remarks conductor André de Ridder in the trailer.

As an album teaser, Albarn has released a trailer for the ‘Dr. Dee’ studio album. And anything that makes reference to the great alchemical order The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in the first track is bound to be good.

Watch the album trailer below in which Damon Albarn, André de Ridder and the London Philharmonic rehearse and record the song “Apple Carts.”

The studio album will be released May 7th.

‘The Golden Dawn’
‘Apple Carts’
‘Oh Spirit Animate Us’
‘The Moon Exalted’
‘A Man of England’
‘The Marvelous Dream’
‘A Prayer’
‘Edward Kelley’
‘9 Point Star’
‘Temptation Comes In The Afternoon’
‘Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away’
‘Moon (Interlude)’
‘Tree Of Life’
‘The Dancing King’