God aborts Tebow-time in favor of Manning-mania

With all due respect to the New York Giants, Tim Tebow was undoubtedly the biggest storyline of the 2011-12 NFL season. He was both the most polarizing and popular player in the league. One week he was the laughingstock of professional sports and the next he was a prophet sent down from heaven with the sole purpose of winning football games while putting up atrocious statistics. The former Heisman trophy winner was possibly the most perplexing sports enigma of the modern era.

Today, Tim Tebow is out of a job.

Unfortunately for the Denver Broncos’ quarterback, for every believer there were at least two doubters and Broncos executive vice-president of football operations, John Elway, was amongst the biggest doubters. The Hall of Fame quarterback and two-time Super Bowl winner inherited Tim Tebow from the previous Broncos regime, and never bought into the fanfare he received from the general public.

He would never admit it publicly, but in John Elway’s opinion Tim Tebow was a media creation and a nice kid, but far from a franchise NFL quarterback. Even as Tebow miraculously steered the Broncos back to the playoffs and summoned divine intervention to upset the heavily favored Pittsburgh Steelers, Elway never bought in to the hype. He knows what a truly successful NFL quarterback looks like and it isn’t Tim Tebow.

So when arguably the greatest quarterback of all time became a free agent early this month Elway pounced, Tebow’s feelings and legions of fans be dammed. It was the right move, but as Deadspin’s Drew Magary wrote this afternoon it took “big brass balls” to make this kind of decision. Most fanbases would revolt upon hearing news that their team discarded their 24-year-old star and media darling in favor of 35-year-old Peyton Manning, who hasn’t played in a year and has had three neck surgeries over that time span. Going into the off-season most people thought it would take nothing short of god himself to remove Tebow from the Broncos starting lineup, but I guess we all forgot that John Elway basically is god in Denver.

Make no mistake about it, if Peyton Manning is healthy, Elway made the right decision. Even if Manning is merely 75 percent of his old self, he still made the right choice, because with Manning the Broncos are immediate Super Bowl contenders — that is not a statement a sane man would make about a Tebow-led team.

Now the $100 question is what happens to Tim Tebow? The Broncos will most likely trade him, but to where? There aren’t many teams that would dumb down their offensive system to focus on Tebow’s strengths, but he is an incredible draw for a fanbase, and he does have a tremendous will to win. However the fact of the matter is he simply isn’t a very good quarterback in the traditional sense.

Some desperate team will surely roll the dice and trade for the once prodigal son, but there is a distinct possibility Tim Tebow will never be given the keys to the kingdom. As of this afternoon Tebow has officially run out of time.